From the Inside Out

From the Inside Out
ISBN: 9781620040874
Less Than Three Press (December 26 2012)
Genre: Contemporary. M/M.
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Shy, closeted college student and part-time barista Soren prefers to keep to himself, despite the urgings of family and friends to break out of his routines and live a little more. He likes things exactly as they are: school is going well, he has his study-buddy Sloane, long-distance best friend Liz, his online friend Tru, and a ridiculously hot boss to stare at longingly. It might not work for everyone, but it’s working for him.

Comfortable routine is upended the day Tru suddenly suggests they meet, and Soren finds himself uncharacteristically agreeing to coffee. When his date proves to be the last person he expects, a simple date is only the start of all the complications Soren has always tried to avoid.

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