Welcome to my corner of the internet! I’m a QUILTBAG author who has been publishing since 2012. My primary focus is male/male, but I love every flavor of the LGBT rainbow, and my works reflect that. I hail from the Pacific Northwest, and when I’m not writing or working at my hush-hush day job, I can be found firmly planted on the couch with a cooking show on my laptop. I’m usually up to my elbows in projects, so keep an eye out for new releases and works in progress from me.

Check out my blog for a more detailed, day to day view. I often have giveaways, feature guest bloggers, and thoroughly enjoy hearing from readers and authors alike. If you’re in the mood for more about me, hit up my about me or my works page. As always, send me an email, a tweet, or a smoke signal if you’ve got something to say.

Happy writing and reading, everybody.

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