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Last chance for a signed copy of Signal to Noise!

One last post about the giveaway, then I’ll give it a rest and let the randomizer pick a winner tomorrow.

Pop on over here to drop a comment and your email, and any other follows for additional entries if you like, and you’re signed up for a free signed copy of Signal to Noise. I’ll ship it anywhere!

The Korres Guava body butter that I mentioned yesterday was a freebie from the seller, so that was awesome. In not so awesome news, I may be getting sick. Hopefully I’m forestalling that by proclaiming I’m sick to all and sundry and when I wake up I’ll feel great.

Tonight I did my two-week fit test, and all my numbers improved, even if it was only slightly. There’s a great note to end the post. Coming soon: meanderings about writing and inspiration.

I’m not sure how that business model works, but I like it!

For the holidays, I got a gift card from my Mom, and promptly spent most of it on e-books but I got one of my favorite lip glosses through Amazon marketplace, a Korres cherry lip gloss in Natural Purple.

The travails I have had with this lip gloss, ay me.

First, I received a Layla magnetics nail polish instead – complete with someone else’s name, address, and shipping info tucked inside the package. The Layla polish was worth nearly twice what I’d bought, but hey. I want my lip gloss, and surely Hector wanted his nail polish. I contacted the seller, who responded with an “I don’t know what you’re talking about, but just send it back if there’s a problem.”

So I bundled it up with the envelope and the other guy’s shipping info and a note, and got credit for the shipping that I promptly spent on another e-book.

Today I finally got my Korres Natural Purple cherry lip gloss, hurrah! However, it came with a tube of Korres Guava body butter that’s worth almost what I paid for the lip gloss. I am…at this point simply not sure if this was a free gift, or another mistake. It’s probably cheaper for her to let me keep it instead of having me ship it back and paying me shipping costs again, but I contacted her to ask, and we’ll see what happens!

Until I hear back, I’m leaving it sealed.

Excitement today! My next shiny revealed:

The listing for Appetite: A Cut Above the Rest is live, with a cover that put stars in my eyes!

A Cut Above the Rest will release on March 13th, and I can’t wait!

Today I got some good editing done, some good writing done, and I can hardly believe it’s nearly nine because I’d intended to do more writing when I got home. These guys are so, so close to progressing, I feel for them.

Last, a question for the readers – opinions of nail polish posts on the author blog? As a nail polish fiend, I enjoy posting pics of the lacquer I’m wearing and I change my manicures twice a week, but wanted to get a feel for my audience. Let me know what you think!