Buy books, save money!

In honor of Sasha’s birthday:


Save 30% on any of your purchases from the Less Than Three Press book market, today only! I’m picking up some I’ve meant to read, there’s been so many exciting releases lately. And don’t forget, you can pick up Appetite: A Cut Above the Rest at a discount if you missed the pre-order price!

Don’t forget, there’s three days left to sign up for Casey K. Cox’s Finding King giveaway.

And if you need some gorgeous reading this week, I’ve read some of the Tea for Two stories and they are, simply put, amazing. You cannot get quality fiction such as this for free anywhere else! Enjoy the stories and leave the ladies some love.

So, what are your plans for the weekend? Partaking of any traditionally Easter activities? Over here, there’s a whole lot of editing going on. I’ve got to get The Competitive Edge edits incorporated and back to the editor, because I’m expecting the hard edit for The More Plausible Evil back any day now. Today, lamb burgers and oven fries; tomorrow, lamb roast and garlic potatoes with green side veg to be determined.

Will you be reading? Spring cleaning? Relaxing? Enjoy it, whatever you do!

Update to this morning’s post

My mistake: I was regrettably on my way out the door when I hurled this morning’s post at my blog in passing, at top speed, and missed a crucial detail.

There is a giveaway for Finding Kingcomment here and don’t miss your chance to win a copy of this brand-new release!

What can I say? We like to bring you all the swag.

Hope everyone’s having a great week. I’m in the middle of planning a Chicago foodie tour with a friend, we’re going in May and we’re already penning in all the amazing lunches and dinners we’re going to have.

Don’t forget to check out Tea for Two, as well. My choice tonight is Daunt’s “Forest Lovers” blend by Adagio Teas.

Tea for Two makes its debut

Today the Special #8 volume of Shousetsu Bang Bang dropped:

Tea for Two!

How do you take your tea? There’s a fabulous variety to choose from, and that goes for the ladies as well.

Free, quality original fiction is yours for the reading, along with a bonus incentive. My story is among the edition’s tea samplers, under a pen name of course, and the first person to guess my story wins a “cookie” to go with your tea.

That “cookie” is a free original short story, written to your prompt. I retain the right to veto subject matter if it makes me uncomfortable. Drop your comment here or any of my entries when you think you have me spotted.

Go forth and enjoy the lady-love! And don’t forget to slip a little something into the garter on your way out. 😉

Coming Monday: a secret project unveiled

I’ve submitted an original story to an online ‘zine, and it’s going to be published on Monday over at Shousetsu Bang Bang. It’s their “Ladies Special,” where the women hold sway and get it on, and this year’s theme is Tea for Two.

The fun thing about this project is that the stories are published anonymously, under pseudonyms. (I’m so tickled with the one I ended up choosing, and it made the editor laugh.) Only two people know the one I wrote under.

Because the stories are anonymous, part of the fun is guessing which author wrote what. And I’ll be offering a little prize for the first person to guess which story is mine – I’ll write them a short story to a prompt of their choosing, though I get veto rights if it’s something outside my comfort zone.

Get your guessing caps on and be prepared to curl up with Tea for Two!

Tour de Foodie: How your introvert can express themselves

Today the Tour de Foodie has moved on to Joyfully Jay with Emotion in Cooking! Herein lie the clues to the heart of one of our stalwart heroes.

Already, A Cut Above the Rest has a couple of lovely ratings. I’m really looking forward to seeing what you all think!

This week, I’ve been writing a new story with fairytale fantasy elements. It’s had its ups and downs, I guess I’ll see what I think of the overall story when it’s completed. Some stories are a pure pleasure to write, and everything falls into place. Others are a map of ups and downs and struggles with getting those words down.

On this one, I don’t even like the title. Argh. I’m not sure about the chemistry between the leads, though the one thing I’m having fun with is the concepts and the world-building.

Up and onward! If I keep working on it at the same rate I hope to be finished Sunday, polish it up, and submit it in time for the deadline.

Of things to come

Greetings, all!

Happy Hump Day, and I hope everyone’s having a fabulous week! I had a decadent but busy four-day weekend and now I’m climbing to the top of Mount To-Do list again. And, wow, there are a lot of things I need to do with this blog!

I’m beginning to plan features with other authors, beginning with my cohorts at the wonderful Less Than Three Press. Stay tuned for an upcoming Author Spotlight, which I’d love to make a semi-regular feature.

There will be an LT3 Blog Hop in March, which will likely coincide with or come near to the release of Appetite: A Cut Above the Rest.

I have a wonderful story by E.E. Ottoman to review, and it would be great if I could find the attention span to make that a semi-regular feature of the blog, too!

Also, From the Inside Out has been garnering good reviews on Amazon and Goodreads, and I’ll link to the MM Good Book Reviews feature when it goes live on their blog.


The signed copy of Signal to Noise has been mailed off to its new home with Cecille, and it’s time to plan my next giveaway. I will be offering a copy of the The Bestiary: Volume One which includes Fireborn, by me. Check back soon for more details. I’m still deciding what the next giveaway will look like.

On Saturday, I finished incorporating edits for Appetite: A Cut Above the Rest. If you haven’t, check out the shiny listing on Less Than Three Press! I’m so pleased with the cover. All I need to do is add a dedication and send it back for final approval, and I get to skip to prettying up the second draft of Appetite: Surfeit for the Senses for editorial review.

Because there’s nothing quite like being inspired and over-committed, yesterday I threw my name in the hat to write for Shousetsu Bang Bang’s femmeslash edition, Tea for Two. 2013 is the year of the Water Serpent and, apparently, a year of tea for me. One of my Christmas gifts was a fabulous single-cup loose leaf tea brewer and an electric teakettle, along with a delightful Aperture Science mug.

Since then, I’ve been happily brewing cup after cup of Tea(se), Snark Nerdy to Me, Triskelion, placed an order of my own for three more Adagio custom blends, and yet another order this past weekend after coming home from Uwajimaya with a tin of White Earl Grey. This is on top of the two to three cups of Shizuoka genmai-cha I drink every day. It’s not a problem… yet.

The tea, along with my love for femmeslash, led me to believe it was fate to sign up for the Tea for Two edition. I’ve got some lovely ideas brewing. And I’m not sorry for the pun.

 photo IMG_20130123_183956.jpg

In conclusion, you’ve got a friend in science. Also, tea.