Happy New Year PAPERBACK Giveaway!

Welcome to 2014! Let’s get this year started out in style, with a new-in-print fiction giveaway!

These are my two latest paperback releases. That’s right, you can hold this one in your hands! My story Convergence is part of the Proud to Be a Vampire anthology, volume one, and The Fall Guide is my most recent novel. I’ll ship these books anywhere that can receive U.S. mail.

I will be selecting two winners, creating a “pool” for each novel and drawing one winner for each pool. You can sign up for one, or both.

COMMENT ON THIS ENTRY AND STATE WHICH BOOK YOU WANT to be eligible for the giveaway. That’s all you have to do! Make sure to include an email address or means of contact. Winners will be chosen Tuesday, January 21st, morning Pacific time.


Your choices are from the following:

Fall Guide v3 small

    Eric is a popular beauty blogger, and hopes to use the momentum of that to start his own business selling makeup for menβ€”but his first attempt to launch makes it painfully clear he has a lot to learn and a long way to go.

    Unexpected help comes in the form of Devon: Gorgeous, successful, and far too smooth. He is everything Eric would like to be, all the things Eric is starting to fear he’ll never achieve, and the success that Eric is striving for in both his professional and personal life is jeopardized by Devon’s inability to understand that business and pleasure shouldn’t mix, because they can have disastrous results for both.

You can read more about The Fall Guide, and an excerpt, here.

Proud to Be a Vampire: Volume One is composed of Bundle One and Bundle Two. My story is Convergence:

Convergence small

    Chris and Ling travel the world in search of rare, exquisite curiosities, but treasure hunting is rife with danger and comes with a price. In order to retrieve a lost treasure deep within a perilous mountain, Chris hires on a vampire. But traveling with a predator comes with its own risks, and their venture may collapse into absolute loss unless they can each find the opportunity in one another.

You can read more about Convergence, and an excerpt from the story, here.

I would also love for you to promote my giveaway in any way, shape, or form possible, so that others can have a chance to win!

So if you: Make a comment, Tweet, Facebook entry, tumblr post, or any kind of entry promoting this giveaway on your own social venue (any and all – WordPress, LJ, DW, blogspot, just link me and let me know HERE in comments so I can verify) I will count each promo as an additional chance to win.

Questions? Ask away! Thank you for your support, and I wish you a happy and productive week. ♥ May your reading list be long and bring you everything you love!


    1. You can choose either! πŸ˜€ I will put you in the pool for both books.

      Thank you so much for spreading the word as always! I really appreciate it. πŸ™‚ Good luck with the giveaway Crissy!

  1. Hi! I would to have The Fall Guide! Here’s my email: anibeli**@**ymail.com without the **

    Thank you! You’re amazing!

  2. I would love to have “The Fall Guide”! Here’s my email: anibeli**@**ymail.com
    Without the **

    Thank you!! You’re amazing! πŸ˜€

  3. I would like to be entered to win either book. I have to confess I still have a fondness for paper books, although I have tons of ebooks. I retweeted your link, so hopefully some of my followers will participate too.

  4. I’d love The Fall Guide but I wouldn’t mind The Convergence, that one looks awesome too.
    I tweeted, my twitter name is doublemom2001.

    My Email is doubelmom2001(AT)aol(DOT)com

    And thanks so much for opening this up to international entries. πŸ™‚

  5. I would love both, or eithet. Yay to the new year starting out with great contests!

    fantasychica5 @ yahoo .com

  6. I can’t decide, can’t you pick for me? Lol. I really loved Convergence the most I think. I can’t wait for more of that story so I’d love to have that in a hard copy.

  7. I really can’t decide. Can I go for both? They both sound fantastic! I really hope I’m not too late for this and I didn’t see whether you shipped overseas or not though, since I’m pretty sure you don’t live in the Philippines. NekoKaigara@yahoo.com

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