Back from hiatus with free fiction!

First up, it’s not too late for a last taste of Christmas with The Mistletoe Maneuver, in which Kenneth Whitaker thinks Zach Yamato has been avoiding him for three years’ worth of Christmas parties, when in fact it’s Kenneth who has been avoiding the risks associated in taking up with someone so young, charismatic, and well-connected. Kenneth has to decide if he’ll put his own desires over his fear of how their relationship could jeopardize his career.

Kayelle Allen has listed The Mistletoe Maneuver on her latest edition of the Romance Lives Forever e-zine.

More content coming soon: update on The Fall Guide, a teaser for my next story cover, and word on all the latest projects. There’s more than enough to keep me working through the new year!

Tonight we’re going to an impromptu wedding and I have a list a mile long to get through, so I’d better get started on that. Happy holidays!

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