Thankfulness Giveaway: The Fall Guide, Convergence, and Rocking Hard

I have a cover teaser to show for an upcoming release, but not just yet … I think I’ll wait on it a bit longer. Today is all about thankfulness!

As my thankfulness for all of you, I’m running a giveaway for my latest three releases from Thanksgiving through Cyber Monday. If you win, you’ll be eligible to choose an ebook copy from those three.

COMMENT ON THIS ENTRY to be eligible for the giveaway. That’s all you have to do! Make sure to include an email address or means of contact. Winners will be chosen Tuesday morning Pacific time.

Fall Guide v3 small

    Eric is a popular beauty blogger, and hopes to use the momentum of that to start his own business selling makeup for men—but his first attempt to launch makes it painfully clear he has a lot to learn and a long way to go.

    Unexpected help comes in the form of Devon: Gorgeous, successful, and far too smooth. He is everything Eric would like to be, all the things Eric is starting to fear he’ll never achieve, and the success that Eric is striving for in both his professional and personal life is jeopardized by Devon’s inability to understand that business and pleasure shouldn’t mix, because they can have disastrous results for both.

You can read more about The Fall Guide, and an excerpt, here.

Convergence small

    Chris and Ling travel the world in search of rare, exquisite curiosities, but treasure hunting is rife with danger and comes with a price. In order to retrieve a lost treasure deep within a perilous mountain, Chris hires on a vampire. But traveling with a predator comes with its own risks, and their venture may collapse into absolute loss unless they can each find the opportunity in one another.

You can read more about Convergence, and an excerpt from the story, here.


    Bailey Kravitz, lead singer of Courage Wolf, is a high-strung, perfectionist diva of a front man. Gunner Lansing, bassist of Courage Wolf, is a laid-back, hang loose ladies’ man who is only serious about guitars and sex. They say opposites attract, but Bailey’s terminal crush on oblivious Gunner is tearing the band apart. Meanwhile, his longtime friend, quiet but intense guitarist Tor Macleod, helps him pick up the pieces yet again. Between annihilating everything they’ve built and reeling from total rejection, there may be a third option Bailey has been overlooking all this time. Problem is, Bailey’s always been more than a little difficult when he’s out to get his way, and that may ruin his prospects after all.

Read more about the Rocking Hard anthology here.

I would also love for you to promote my giveaway in any way, shape, or form possible, so that others can have a chance to win!

So if you: Make a comment, Tweet, Facebook entry, tumblr post, or any kind of entry promoting this giveaway on your own social venue (any and all – WordPress, LJ, DW, blogspot, just link me so I can verify) I will count each promo as an additional chance to win.

Questions? Ask away! Thank you for your support, and I wish you a happy Turkey Day and hope you’ve got as much to be thankful for as I do. ♥ You all are awesome.


  1. Thanks for another great giveaway! I was talking about your books with a th fan I met irl just yesterday, gave her the links to buy them after we fangirled about your writing =)

    Happy thanksgiving!

    1. They’re always so much fun! Oh, thanks so much, my dear, I’m so happy you love it enough to fangirl. 🙂 And thanks for passing along the info to them! If you loved my TH fic you’ll love The Fall Guide too, I’m pretty sure. 😉

  2. I love your writing and I always enjoy re-reading them over and over. I should probably have used the word thankful in there…I’m thankful for the opportunity to read your fiction, but I kind of don’t feel worthy to potentially win anything. Err…

    1. And I am so appreciative of that, thank you! ♥ Aww, don’t say that…I wish I could award a copy to everyone who signs up! Alas, another has won, but stay tuned for future giveaways. 😉

  3. Awesome giveaway, Talya! ^_^ I’ve been eying The Fall Guide since it came on the coming soon page. Contemporary, beauty blogger … what’s not to like? So looking forward to this next Wednesday!

      1. Wow!!! I’m so excited! I never win these things. 🙂 Thanks so much. I would love a copy for my kindle. mobi or prc format

  4. Thank you for all the lovely stories you have shared with us over the years, and for the great giveaways! 🙂

    Happy holidays!

  5. I hope you had an excellent Thanksgiving! I just bought the Appetite series in paper, but I would love to read Convergence too. Please count me in for the giveaway. I’ve also retweeted so any other last minute people can have a chance to enter too.

    1. And the same to you! Oh, I do hope you like Appetite. 🙂 Thanks for retweeting, Mell! Lisa won this round, but do stay tuned for my upcoming holiday giveaway. I just gotta spread the cheer!

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