Surfeit for the Senses giveaway

To celebrate the release week for Surfeit for the Senses (and my upcoming birthday!) I’m opening a giveaway for the latest book of the Appetite series.


With the buzz and drama of competition behind them, Alex is determined to focus on the one thing that matters most: his budding relationship with Nik. All the pieces seem to be finally falling into place, as he settles into his new living arrangements and gets back into the rhythm of the kitchen, while he and Nik spend all their precious free time together.

Life never stays smooth for long, however. The combined weight of family tragedy, television fame, and new, unexpected responsibilities strain the bonds of Alex and Nik’s partnership, and conflict between them demands they settle the question of equality once and for all. Pulled in so many directions, it may be more than a new relationship can take.

Surfeit for the Senses is available now for pre-order, and released Tuesday night through Less Than Three Press here. You can also read an excerpt.

The Giveaway:
To celebrate the release, I’m offering an e-book copy of Surfeit for the Senses to one lucky winner, chosen by random numbers selected by from the comments of this entry. This is the e-book version, and I will send a copy in your preferred format; epub, HTML, mobi, PDF.

To enter, drop a comment (you MUST include an email or means of contact or I cannot count your entry). If you enter your email as part of submitting the comment, that counts. Comment between now and next Sunday, July 28th. Winners will be chosen Monday morning.

That’s it!

If you’d like additional chances to enter and increase your chances of winning, you may do the following:

– Promote/share any of my Facebook posts mentioning Surfeit’s release.
– Post a comment on my/your Facebook about the novel.
– Promote/share my Tumblr post promoting Appetite’s release.
– Retweet my author tweet on Twitter regarding the release.
– Become a fan on Goodreads.
– Leave a comment or make a post promoting the novel on your own social venue (any and all – WordPress, LJ, DW, blogspot, just link me so I can verify)

Basically, spread the word in any possible fashion and you can get an additional chance to win your own ebook copy of Surfeit for the Senses!

Many thanks, I appreciate your stopping by, and good luck with the giveaway. (And hey, if you’ve already pre-ordered, enter anyhow! You can always give a copy to a friend. ^_~)

Also, the blog tour begins tomorrow at The Armchair Reader, so join me for exclusive sneak peeks and bonus content all week, and more chances to win!


      1. Is this a thing I won too?? Omg. sailorshini at yahoo dot comzzz is the email. Does it come in ePub? 😀 If not PDF is stellar.

  1. I wish I’d waited to buy them, otherwise I’d enter, but I’m still happy I finally own them all now! This is Rose and I forgot I actually created an account but I’ve been clearing out inboxes and here we are. I’m following you now.

    1. Aw, well I’m glad you own them all too! Good work getting everything set up, it’s a good idea to get the blog established slowly but surely. And thanks for the promo!

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