Caution: Writing works in progress

A few small updates…

I haven’t been writing so much this month; I finished three stories last month, finished a chapter of something else this month, and I suppose I’ve been taking a bit of a break.

Top priority: finishing edits on The Competitive Edge and getting them back to the editor for final review. And I need to get that done, soonest, because: *drumroll*

Substantial edits have come back for The More Plausible Evil. The in-document edits aren’t so bad, I think I could blaze through them in a day or two. But the overall story has two major issues, one that I could probably resolve, the other that I can’t because my beta thinks the story is too short for everything that’s happening. She thinks it would work better around my usual length, which is ~80-100k.

Tough one. So, I’ll incorporate the edits to bring it to a good second draft, submit it, and present it to the press to get their take.

The Fall Guide has a publication date of December 4th, 2013, and I have to think what to put on the cover. This is one of those where I’m contemplating saying “…dealer’s choice?” All I can think of is palm trees. That…yeah, probably better not.

What else? Oh yes, this month I need to finish plotting the sequel for Signal to Noise, because I’m going to start writing it this month and it’s next month’s focus point.

Final word: don’t forget to sign up for my giveaway! Tomorrow is the last day to win a free book. :3


  1. it’s tough. I tend toward longer workers rather then short ones. I am finding increasingly that it’s hard for me to tell the stories I want in a short space of time. I’ve noticed a lot of people asking if anthology calls which are already 10K long could be shorter and I don’t know what they are talking about since I struggle to write a good completely feeling story in 20K most of the time.

    1. Yeah, same. I just love to really get into character interactions, the minutiae of how relationships develop, and highly prefer to show rather than tell – which can take up quite a bit of space. It’s a rare, rare month when I feel like I’ve told a good full story in less than 20k. So I totally feel you there.

    1. It was 50k! Lol! Gin told me it would be better if I expanded it to 100k and the most difficult part of her feedback was my instant recognition that she was totally right.

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