The Way to Your Heart: Nail Polish!

First things first: today is the last day to sign up for T.T. Kove’s giveaway for her lovely seasonal romance, Sakura Kiss! She’ll be choosing a winner using the random number selector tomorrow.

Next up for my third post for the Way to Your Heart blog hop:

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Another quick and easy way to my heart is to cater to one of my current serious obsessions: nail polish.

I used to be not much of a fan, actually, because of the smell – and the way it felt on my nails, like a coat of something that smothered them. Then companies started going 3, 4, and 5-free – harmful ingredients toluene, formaldehyde, DBP (dibutyl phthalate), formaldehyde resin, and camphor. And, I saw a fantastic shade of gray nail polish on Bill Kaulitz.

Office neutrals had never really interested me, but that edgy gray was like a whole world opening up to me. I found myself at the cosmetics counter getting Chanel Black Pearl and Dior Gris Montaigne. A couple of months later, I made it a workout reward, and wow, it was a full-on slide into its own obsession from there. Nail polish became its own reward! I started maintaining a nail polish tumbler:

There was so much to do with polish and simple nail art that there hadn’t been when I’d done my nails when I was younger. It was like a fascinating new universe opening up to me, and the brands that didn’t have any harmful chemicals didn’t feel like they smothered my nails at all.

So, a bottle of nail polish in just the right color is a fast path to my heart. From those edgy grays I went to finding just the right hue in every shade across the spectrum, but far and away my favorites tend to be blues, teals, and greens though I have a serious weakness for a good nude, and holographic micro-glitter is one of my favorite things ever.

To show you some of what I love, here are six of my favorite manicures from the past year. It was hard to narrow them down to six, of course.

 photo IMG_20130329_073932_zps0aee93a8.jpg

Illamasqua Fragile, the color I wore over Easter weekend.

 photo IMG_20130218_115602_zps8a0dc168.jpg

A-England St. George with a scalloped ribbon of A-England Holy Grail – one of my fun “save a chipped tip” manicures, I featured this not too long ago for Manicure Monday.

 photo IMG_20130111_080514.jpg

Essie Butler Please – my perfect Tardis blue!

 photo IMG_20121229_133607.jpg

Chanel Quartz and Pixel Till I’m Blue Over You/China Glaze Snowglobe checkers. My first time doing a checker manicure, and I still need to do this again! So much fun, and so pretty.

 photo IMG_20121205_074346.jpg

Sephora by OPI Traffic Stopper Copper over sponged half-gradient of Brisbane Bronze over Essie Sand Tropez. This one was inspired by something I reblogged on Tumblr, though I used different colors and a bronze under the glitter. I loved the way it turned out.

 photo IMG_20120515_075535.jpg

Chanel Delight, the most gorgeous finely-milled bronzy coppery gold with a micro-glitter almost holographic spark to it.

And to sign off, don’t forget to check my giveaway post, where I offer a free copy of A Cut Above the Rest (or anything from my back catalogue, if you already have that).

Have a great week, and may your polish dry quickly and smudge-free!


  1. Oh My GOSH! I love nail polish and nail art, especially greens and blues and grays. Your manicures are superb and your tumblr is to die for. Hmm… I’ve been thinking to do one of my own for a while. My only issue is that I’m too lazy to take pics LOL It’s a relatively new obsession for me as well. This is the youtube channel that made me fall for nail design

    1. Oh man I am so sorry I haven’t replied to this before! It got lost in my inbox. Greens and blues are definitely my favorite. I even keep teal in a separate category e_e that’s how many I have!

      I use my cell phone, so I upload photos directly to photobucket from there. It’s totally the lazy way to do it, I’m not cleaning up the pics or watermarking, but oh well.

      I’ll have to check it out! I can’t possibly fall FURTHER into the nail polish obsession, right??

  2. I recently discovered nail polish that has some sort of enamel in it that reacts with magnets. I put the polish on and while it’s still wet I hold the magnet over it. Ten seconds later the polish has moved into a design, often a star or waves. It’s my new favorite thing.

    1. Oh man I am so sorry I haven’t replied to this before!

      Magnetic polish is so much fun! It’s a great way to do nail art without a whole lot of effort. I have a magnetic in just about every color, I want some new magnets to have more patterns. 😀

  3. OHMIGOD!!! Talya!! I love the Tardis blue…I’m going online to order right now!!! Number two, I love Chanel Black Pearl…I keep it in stock around my house. And I think you just introduced me to another love…Illamasqua Fragile. I am going to go find it right now…LOVE! I also have a couple magnetic polishes that I use for parties that are way fun.

    1. Oh man I am so sorry I haven’t replied to this before!

      The Tardis blue is gorgeous, isn’t it?? Zoya Song is a lovely Tardis blue in metallic, I kind of have my eye on that one too.

      Black Pearl is so classic and unique. None of the other so-called dupes were able to nail it.

      I definitely recommend Fragile! Love that one for sure.

      Magnetics are cool! I tried all mine and stored them away, haha. I would definitely wear them all again though. So many colors, so little time!

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