Prompt the author

Tomorrow evening I’m doing a “girl’s night in,” because my girlfriend is working a closing shift and we did our Valentine’s dinner tonight.

If there’s time, I’d love to write a Valentine’s Day short. So, does anyone have prompts for me? Pairing or character types, setting, scenario – all/any are welcome.

Hit me with your best shot~


  1. With me fiance we went out a two days ago for our Valentine’s diner, bc today we go to my homecity to see my family 🙂 We went to sushi restaurant.

    Ah, I always love your Tom/Bill story. Maybe if u have time u write abt them, twincest, but their won’t be in the Band?:)

  2. Awkward first time Valentine’s gift buying. Preferably a relationship that’s fairly new, so they don’t really know what to get the other person because they don’t know them super well and if they like chocolate or conversation hearts or flowers or or or or best.

  3. Hello! 🙂

    Nice 🙂 I with my fiance went out two days ago for our Valentine’s day to Sushi Restaurant, bc today we’re goint to my homecity to see my family. Hope you two had a great dinner!:)

    Hm… one-shot? I always love your TH stories, twincest but AU, when twins aren’t in band 🙂

    Have a good day!

  4. Tom/Bill twincest-related with Bill as an innocent, but in love with Tom, and he keeps doing things that accidentally make Tom horny. Tom doesn’t know that Bill’s in love with him, and he doesn’t realize that he’s in love with Bill (he’s in denial), so he keeps wondering why he’s suddenly finding Bill so sexy. Tom finally cracks when Bill walks into his room in only a towel, asking for… I dunno. Something stupid and innocent seeming, but he doesn’t get all the words out before Tom jumps him.

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