Giveaway closed

Thanks, everyone, for participating in my Signal to Noise giveaway! The almighty Randomizer has selected Cecille, and I’ve sent an email to the lucky winner. Cecille, please get back in touch with me within 48 hours – if I don’t hear from you, the Randomizer will be unleashed again!

Stay tuned; there will definitely be more giveaways to come. I have a beautiful copy of The Bestiary: Volume One, for example.

Right now I’m working on a snippet for the Less Than Three editor’s challenge, so I’ll be posting that here soon. They’ll also be organizing a blog hop that I’ve signed up for, and with any luck, I may be able to drum up some cross-author promotion some time soon!

Coming soonest: Illamasqua Creator, a discussion on inspiration, and a review. Or perhaps I’m being overly ambitious and should start with two out of three.

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