Welcome to my writer blog!

Hello and good morning! I figured this was a good time to establish a stand-alone blog again now that I’ve got some books coming out to publicize.

My name is Talya, and I’ve been blogging since Pitas was a thing, then I moved my “Randomaundering” blog to Blogger, then transitioned to Livejournal for a good long while. All of the authors I respect and admire have their own stand-alone blogs now, however, so I’m starting this WordPress to talk about current projects, upcoming publications, and the things that make me tick.

I love to read, write, cook, and I’m a huge movie buff. I enjoy walking in the crisp autumn air, painting my nails, teasing my cat – who my girlfriend and I believe is the cutest cat in the world – and drinking a good cup of coffee. My idea of a great afternoon is curling up on a chilly day with fragrant candles burning and the click of a keyboard under my fingers, or playing a round of video games.

Right now I’ve got my first novel coming out with Less Than Three Press, and I’m very excited about it. I’ll talk more about that later. I’ve also got a brand-new story, “Fireborn,” making its debut in their Bestiary anthology in November, and two more novels and a novella slated for upcoming publication.

Writing is one of my very favorite things, and I love to create new characters and worlds and share them with people. I hope you’ll enjoy what’s to come and share this journey with me! Thanks for stopping by.

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